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Cavalaria Rusticana is my favorite opera, I especially like your intermezzo, so I decided to baptize this blog in honor of this great work of Mascagni. 

Music has always been present in my life, I still study piano and some other musical instruments, my musical taste is quite eclectic, I listen from classical music, to jazz, Rock, Samba, gospel and many other styles.

I like a lot of classical composers especially (Chopin, Liszt, Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, Debussy, Grieg, Sibelius, Villa Lobos, …), I mainly work in popular music groups and sometimes perform some classical music presentations, solo presentations or as a duet, trio, quartet, quintet and very rarely in orchestra, because my musical training is focused mainly on the polular piano.

I learned to enjoy classical music even as a child, it is part of my life. but unfortunately I do not live music here in my country. My main area of ​​expertise is as an IT professional.

The main goal for creating this website is to share, recommend and spread good old music and its great artists. (Famous and unknown).

The inspiration for the name of this site comes from brief and expressive musical compositions called intermezzo or interlude, calm songs that have beautiful soft melodies and great emotion. It is a small dramatic musical representation very present in the operas, generally executed between the interval of two acts, or between the two parts of a classic musical piece.

Classics refers to the musical style of the great masters of music and the most varied classical and popular music strands that have exerted a strong influence throughout history to many musical genres present in the current music.

In this way, they will be approached in this space, not only to classical songs, but also other art forms that refer to the music of the great masters.

find the best piano, guitar, orchestra, classical music, jazz, rock, instrumental, news, lists and more.

Now, I would recommend the work that inspired and gave rise to the name of this blog.

Intermezzo from the cavalleria rusticana opera by the Italian composer Pietro Mascagni (here incredibly adapted to the film The Godfather – Part III)

I hope you like it, I accept criticism and suggestions. Sorry for some typos, English is not my native language, but I’m trying hard to learn it. If you want to help me with some correction send me an email.

Welcome to Intermezzo Classics.

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