Johann Sebastian Bach – (Ep.03 – Classical Music: Immortal Works)

Johann Sebastian Bach was the greatest composer in the history of music?

This great German artist has influenced generations of musicians to this day. Bach’s music inspires and enchants all those who listen to their wonderful melodies and harmonies.

The great German master loved music, less than ten years of age lost his parents and went to live with his older brother who taught him to play clavichord (instrument similar to the piano), Bach had a life, participated in life in high society of his time where the nobles greatly appreciated his music.

Bach was very fond of playing organ, a musical instrument in which he became a great specialist. In his repertoire we can find as many different musical forms composed for many instruments of the time: concerts, sonatas, fugas, masses, cantatas, variations, sacred music, in many other forms.

One of his greatest joys was his children, he was married twice and had twenty children, five became musicians and followed a profession of his father: Wilhelm Friedemann, Carl Philipp Emanuel, Johann Gottfried Bernhard, Johann Christoph Friedrich and Johann Christian. I bet his death his extraordinary compositions fell into oblivion for almost a century, until his compatriot Mendelssohn rediscovered it.

Bach is known as the father of classical music.

“Music is a pleasing harmony for the honor of God and the admirable delights of the soul.” – Johann Sebastian Bach


  • Passion according to St. John
  • Passion according to St. Matthew
  • Fantasy and escape in D minor
  • Christmas Oratory
  • Mass in minor
  • Concerts in Brandenburg
  • The Art of Escape
  • Goldberg Variations
  • The well-seasoned clove
  • French, English and German Suites
  • Inventions, symphonies, sonatas
  • Musical offer

For a little experience with your music, listen to this selection with some of his immortal works:

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